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Change virtual keyboard call on Android for gifts + road selection with menu?

#1 2018-10-14 18:06:13
When playing on Android, it would be nice if the gifting form called the numeric keyboard like the GBT selling form, instead of the text keyboard like the send message form.

Also, something to avoid selecting a road when we don't want to.
For example, when I try to select a small building between larger ones and the perspective isn't helping, or (a lot more often) when I try to click on a moving unit/citizen, I get the popup for the road under the unit and then I need to close it.
Maybe showing a small window like when clicking on a ressource, so we don't get something covering the screen?
Edited by hypo on 2018-10-14 18:51:26
#2 2018-10-18 15:55:46
I was never sure why Bast made that big old menu for the roads anyway. We could do we the regular menu that all of the other buildings have honestly. I also think that we should have an option to turn unlit pavement into lit pavement without bulldozing the pavement and then placing down lit pavement. An "add lighting" command, similar to the upgrade command, would change the road to it's lit version of the same material. Then, a "remove lighting" option would change the lit road tiles back into unlit tiles.

I think that these options would make road placements much smoother, because you can go ahead and build all of your roads, and then you can select individual road tiles, press the "add lighting" key, whatever letter it would be, and that road tile would turn into scaffolding and wait for rovers to come and build the lit road tile where the unlit road tile used to be.
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