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Colonists Should Have Cars

I feel that the colonists should have their own rover-type vehicle that can be parked in a parking lot or parking garage. I found while playing that my colonists were having commute lengths of 60 and other crazy numbers, and it was making them fatigued. There should be a building where it consumes wheels, ore, and steel to produce the Rover recource. Then you can set up a Rover shop to sell to your colonists, probably the slightly richer. Thanks for making such a great game!
Nice idea. Colonist transit has been suggested before though. Bast thinks that transporting colonists would make the game too easy.
How about moving sidewalks that eat power and oil. can be added like the lights so it would be dark harden with moving sidewalks. Or solor road with moving sidewalks that give no power but take oil to run.
Or there could be a central teleporters and sub teleporters to transport them around the world
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