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2018-11-07 20:50:37
How do I reduce fatigue in my colony? (no pun intended)
I know that Their homes reduce it, but I don't know any other ways. can someone help?
2018-11-07 21:36:47
Of course, fatigue means that your colonists are tired. Usually, the main reason for this is that they have to walk too far to get to work and home. Make sure the distance between housing and jobs are pretty short for all your people. This also goes for entertainment and medical buildings, they should be close together.
another thing, remember that the chart showing what colonists complain about shows what unhappy people are complaining about. If your approval rating if over 95%, those problems don't really exist, and as long as your approval rating is above 90% I would not worry about what they complain about.
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2018-11-08 01:45:32
I find a great way to fix fatigue turn on colonist rendering if you people are complaining about fatigue. Then put a few green domes next to your main gov building IE Capitol or consulate. Then watch it fill up and then people will stop complaining. This is a good temp fix but a more permanent fix would be to put hospitals green domes and pubs in your residential areas right by houses. That should solve it as long as there are enough. You don't need to spam them maybe one here and there is enough! I recommend green domes if you want a cheap and low space taking option tho parks are quite good too. (They take up a lot of space so put them in the middle of you HUGE residential areas! :) to take full advantage)

I Hope this Helped!
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2018-12-23 15:43:33
Try doing a fire drill if you have Consulate lv 2
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