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New job ideas. Immigration reform, Crime, Journalism and Cars/Transportation and more compilation!

So here are some ideas for new jobs buildings
New Stats:
Crimes stats. Sometimes when your people are desperate they will try to steal from you. (The police station prevents this!)
New Jobs:
Police Officer: A police officer for police HQ and police stations!

Civil Officer: Works in government buildings not. Different from politicians and diplomats tho

Medical Officer or Docter: Works in more advanced medical facilities.

Journalist: Works on publishing fake news to keep the people of your colony happy. Works in The Times building and the propaganda HQ. Can travel to colonies that have an embassy with you via embassy. They are virtually tourists when in another colony. If the journalist is killed when in another colony. The offender must pay 100k refusing is not an option. If refused (Maybe the PVP bast was suggesting!?)

Retired Volunteer: Works in propaganda HQ

Police Station: A building to monitor your people and catch illegal immigrants
Immigration Customs Allows star ports space elevators and so to allow more people in at a time! Only one can be built at a time
Police HeadQuarters: Upgraded Version of police station. Only one can be made at a time! Keeps track of you people and produces a heap of civics
Deportation Office: When illegal immigrants or caught. Or if you want to deport a citizen here's the place!
Immigrant Camp: When you have too many immigrants they go the immigrant camp until there is space for them to become a citizen of your glorious colony
The Times building: Can name the building/newspaper The [Insert Name] Times!: A new building to keep your people informed on matters that don't exist! Boosts morale and keeps people happy! Also provides entertainment
The Propaganda HQ: Keeps all you people informed on the happenings in the universe boosts moral provides entertainment and makes money. Employs people in retirement and takes their money. Taking them out of retirement and conscripting them (Only one can be built at a time)
Airport: Tourists will come from it as well as new immigrants. Not as fast as the Stargate. It also allows emigration and uses a really small amount of spaceships. Produces a ton of money due to people paying to use your planes. Maybe cheap imports...
Gas Station: For refueling cars/buses. Provides lots of oil storage and uses a small amount of oil. Cars and buses can be parked there
Car Dealership: You can buy cars and buses using this. Produces wheels.
Bus station: Small and can be placed anywhere. It shows the bus the route it should be taking. People get on buses at the bus station if it makes they transit more convenient. Also helps with tourism
Train station: Uses oil and provides transportation. This is the only part of the rail which is aboveground. Connects to the subway system! It is the main hub of your train network. Produces money. Only one can be built at a time.
Subway Station: Parts of your railway line that connect to the above ground. (Only the exits of the station can be seen!) It helps your colonists get to their jobs more efficiently thus reducing fatigue. Provides entertainment. Part of your railway network uses oil and helps tourism. Produces money
Parking Lot: Provides parking for your colonist's cars. Pretty big. Because rovers are big.
Huge Parking complex. A thin building which is mostly underground and provides huge amounts of parking for your colonist's cars. Produces atmosphere.
New Rovers:
Bus: Transports large amounts of people to work. Uses oil but keeps your colonies fatigue down!
Car: 4 man transport to work or school. Reduces fatigue but has carbon emissions!
Silly Ideas:
Illegal Immigrant torture booth: Torture you illegal immigrants to the happiness of all! (Except the recipient)

I hope you like my ideas I also hope they will be implemented in game! Please vote :D
Note: I will keep adding things that I think would be awesome to be implemented in game! If this gets enough attention the ideas might be implemented so guys comment and share your ideas :)
Disclaimer: I did not think of this all on my own. I borrowed some of this from other people on the website who I would like to thank! I compiled them to make a petition of awesome stuff that I think a lot of people would love to see in game
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Lol I love this
He should add all of them
I hope this could be implemented! Also if you guys have any ideas we could add it to this and then maybe get basts attention :)
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Hey guys I added some more stuff with journalism!
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@bastecklein please look at this I should have quoted you
Hey guys why did you guys choose what you chose?
also I would love to see your ideas :)
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Cars are something that I have wanted for a long time. When you have a big colony the fatigue rises heavily and they have to long of a walk to work
Ya I hope bast sees this and maybe adds some of it also pls tell me if there are typos or somthing I should add/change
Please Join my commonwealth :) CSVi7f9z
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Yes to all of it, with the exception of the transportation. If transportation is added, then being able to turn off those vehicles just like the colonists.
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