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federation suggestions

so what I was thinking is that maybe federations would have their own markets accessible to their members only, and every member who wants to use the market pays a fee(which is used to keep the running the market) to the federation(except the president of the federation). the reason members would want to use these in-game markets is because they allow for the use of special federation trade routes(federations should also be allowed to establish trade routes if they possess starships) that are not available on the gbt.
This is a good idea. NOZ already does this with our Trade channels on Discord. An in-game function would be wonderful.
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This would be awesome for helping people who are lower level! Without worrying that others on the GBT will take the low trade
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Nice idea, having a more exclusive trading system for your federation would benefit the federations greatly. However, I think that there should also be a few more benefits to using the federation market. Perhaps the cost of civics is drastically reduced, allowing for much larger trades. Perhaps there is no punishment from server moderators for over or undercharging for a trade, leaving it up to the federation king and federation moderators to set regulations and punishments. People might be swayed to join one federation over the other because they like one federation's regulations better than another's.

It really would depend on how much management effort you are willing to put in. If you want to have more lax regulations, you'll draw lots of people in, but you'll also draw the wrong people, who cheat and hack their way to the top, thereby causing you to have to do more management. But if you're regulations are strict from the beginning, you won't draw many people in, but those who do come in will be more likely to follow the regulations, and you won't have to do as much managing.
Ver .78 is coming up so now would be a good time to add it in
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