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New update breaks game

Entered game, started new small city in region on forest planet.
It appeared to run normally, I built a small vehicle factory, a storage depot and a oil storage. Robots gathered normally, but I noticed them driving right through water and forest tiles.
Then I designated a Quantum water storage. The robots went to the location, stopped and did nothing, then returned to their parking spot.
Same result with Clone factory, same result with Hydrogen power plant, same result with underground living quarters, same result building road, same result for a simple shelter.
I completely exited and restarted game, region and city.
Same result with buildings and robots actually building anything, but now the game had deleted every river water tile from the map, making the map useless.

I don't want to open any other colony at this time and have it destroyed.
The game and the coin I paid for premium are wasted until the update is rolled back and these major, game destroying errors are addressed.
Put simply, Brandon, never rush coding anything.
At no point should the game be deleting or changing tiles on its own except during map creation or certain resource spreading.
You've made some major changes to create Water Worlds, but what was the point if the code is now capable of deleting all the water on an existing colony map?
It makes the whole update a huge waste of time.

I'm going to go ahead and try to start a new human Water World and see what happens.
New Water World?

Same results. Robots stopped building anything after building a single water pump, and reloading the game and colony resulted in all the water tiles deleted from the colony map and replaced with plain grass.

The game is now completely unplayable.
See these threads:

Also I'm not sure but I haven't seen anyone that isn't playing regions experiencing this glitch so try a single map?
I've seen someone saying it was something to do with bots being inside buildings but haven't confirmed that
Not sure if you've seen it yet but bast made a post requesting players with these bugs to see if their colony works on the 0.78 version on the web
A previous update addressed bots being inside of buildings. If you watch, you'll see the trapped bot slide sideways out of the building foundation.
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