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[NOZ] Independent Republics of F3R: Always available,whenever you need!

#1 2019-01-12 01:38:57
The Independent Republics of F3R are a recently independent state created by F3RN4NDESRB after getting independent from its motherland.
This is an semi-active state due to the fact that I play on my phone most of the time.
I help whenever a subcolony needs,so I work hard to build up resources so I can gift some to my Commonwealth members.
Everyone is welcome,independently of the player's skill or advancement level of the colony.Whether you need more resources,tips,help,or anything else, I'm always there.Join in, it'll be very nice for you!
Charter code: dSfCwm3a
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#2 2019-01-12 03:18:26
Heyo good job on independence my fellow sorcerer
The peoples democracy of NOZ DELTA would like to establish a diplomatic mission with you
Kind Regards
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#3 2019-01-12 03:18:43
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