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Pin to homescreen issue


this app is exactly what i was looking for - a simple network browser with an option to create quicklinks to my network drive.

Unfortunally the later part dosnt work. I can browse files on my network drive without problem, but pinning any folder fails to do so.
It jumps back to homescreen, but no icon created. Also setting folders as favourites doesnt fully work - they appear in my favourite list, but tapping them does nothing.

i use version 2.5.2 on android 8.0 (oneplus3). connecting to a drive on a win10 pc via wlan.
Firsttime user, so i cannot tell if that problem existed in earlier versions.

Kind regards
@katamere I will look into it for the next update. I know it used to work, but I haven't tested it in a long time, and android has changed a bit over the years.
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