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Having Massive Problems With Corruption

I originally posted something on this forum not too long ago about a red planet world infinite cleaning data whenever I tried saving, and no help has been brought towards that for a long enough while for me to have given up on it for long enough to start a new world in the meantime. I made a lunar world and it literally just corrupted and disappeared entirely when the game crashed from me trying to set the world as a cloud save so I can access it on my PC too to make backups, so this is very ironic. I'm about ready to give up on this game, because even though I love it I keep putting so many straight days of work into each world and they just get corrupted like nothing even happened and I can't even back up the data because it keeps saying there was an error and it won't ever let me accomplish backing it up. I also have enough screenshots to recreate everything I have in the world from scratch even though that's probably not for the best I don't know what is. My last successful backup of the lunar save was way too long ago for me to even want to redo it because it was like weeks ago. My red planet save has a backup that happened right after the corruption. My game tried restoring an emergency version of the lunar save but it took too long with my ipad being on low battery so it wasn't feasible. If I could just make proper backups of the game files myself as I should be able to this wouldn't be a problem, but it works not on PC nor mobile for me.

TL;DR: I'm losing patience with this game, I just want to be able to play but everything keeps corrupting from the smallest things happening that are no-where close to my fault and I have hundreds of screenshots. I also am not really receiving help from anybody on this matter which is why I'm losing patience with this.
@bastecklein can you have a look at this
To to engine setting and uncompress the game files, or compress them if they are uncompressed
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