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bugs, now what?

i have bought every tech i can. i am good on food and wood and everything i can collect. i have every worker bug and vehicle i can make, i have build every building i can build. i thought maybe i just need to get indepence....
i have 30 advanced command posts (they are worth the most civics) and i still only have 70 k civics. i feel like i am missing something, like a way to get civics faster or more efficiently. when i bought the last set of tech i can buy it said it would open up alot of alien tech and buildings... but no new building options showed up. im not sure what to do. the game also made me buy this tech and one other 4 times (every time i would log back in it was in the research tab again even though i never got the research or the alien artifacts back)
Insectoids get a lot of buildings after independence so you definitely need to get it. The problem lays in the fact you need antatura to be able to build them which is unavailable if you not independent.
About better way to make civics now. Money pits produce civics as well. They are a better choice to accumulate it fast because of higher production rate.
thank you i will try that!!
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