As I mentioned in my dyson sphere idea, I know that bast is focusing on game quality, I just like to share ideas.

The bog, a treacherous planet, known mainly for the dense swampy climate covering most of it's surface, will give you a run for your money. Similar to the water world in the amount of land available to build on, the terrain consists mostly of bog water and swamp water. The swamp water is impassible and bridges can be built over it, but the bog water is dangerous for reasons we will discuss below. however, it yeilds a very lucrative bounty... oil! Not only are oil patches abundant on the surface of bog water, but the motherload of all oil can be found several hundred feet below bog water. I wonder how many poor creatures had to die to the bog to create this much oil! Sugarcanes also provide a ready source of sugar to all factions, and they can also grow on bog water.

The key challenges of this map are below:
- land is scarce
- colonists and bots can travel on bog water, but very slowly. They also sink into the bog slowly as they traverse it, and if they sink fully into the bog they instantly die or blow up, so be careful not to let your colonists wander, or you might find them at the bottom of the bog. There should be a standard of how many tiles can be traversed on bog water before certain death.
- there is a large chance of disease that comes with swampy and jungle-like areas. Be sure to build ample hospitals from the start as you will need them for sure.
- getting water is not a problem, but drinking it without dying from disease is another. When water bots try to collect water from a bog or swamp water tile, they end up collecting a new untradeable resource called defiled water. This defiled water needs to be purified before drinking, so you would need to implement a way to do that for this map. Eventually you'll get condensers or wet cones and you can forget about purifying your water.
-This planets atmosphere is twice the earthlike atmosphere, and that's what causes it to be a thick and swampy mess. Drain the atmosphere to earthlike levels and you will get rid of the disease and all that bog and swamp water. Basically, a bog planet should become a waterworld planet once it's atmosphere is drained down to earthlike levels, but don't let your industry drive the atmosphere back up, or you could end up with bog water once again, and don't reduce it too much either, or you might end up with a red planet landscape.
-Mines cannot be built on this map until the atmosphere is drained and the soil hardens enough to not collapse when deep holes are dug into it. This means that ore and gold need to be obtained from another source. Swamp rovers are equipped to pump and filter bog water for ore and gold particles, but this eventually turns the bog water permanently into swamp water, which is worthless and won't produce oil later on. The only way to get more bog water would be to reduce atmosphere to earthlike and then increase it again. When you get the ability to extract oil from bog water, you should be able to do so indefinitely, so eventually you will want to stop wasting your bog water in this manner and find another way to get ore and gold.

Luckily, swamps have trees, which can turned into ore the old fashion way. Once you get this method started you can continue. You won't be able to get a better source of gold though until you either progress to the point of making ore labs, or decrease the atmosphere to 9 million, where you can then dig gold mines. Be careful not to decrease the atmosphere to under 6 million or you'll lose your bog water entirely, unless you're main goal is terraforming that is.

To counter the initial gold situation, I have another research structure in mind that doesn't require it, but is made of ore and wood and consumes defiled water to produce research. The idea behind this structure is that it takes defiled water and studies the microbes contained within, producing research. This is just to make sure that players can progress through the game without being too bottlenecked or have to mine all of their bog water tiles to be able to progress.

Other than that, these are my ideas for The Bog. Hope yall enjoyed them.