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Planet hub: A list of all my planetary ideas.

#1 2019-02-28 21:50:48
This are the current planetary and racial ideas that I have. The purpose of this list is to make it easy to find my ideas without having to go to each topic.

Toxic/trash Planet:
The Bog:
Space Platform/Dyson sphere:
Desert/arid :
Twilight planet/ twilight idea for abandoned planet:
Blast furnace/mercury planet:
Blast furnace revamped:
Planet Terraformation ideas and venus planet:
lava world ideas:
Ice World Ideas:
Race ideas:
water body and sea level ideas:
Living Planet:

Ideas regarding all of the existing planets, and some ideas that apply to all planets, both in existence and those in idea form:

I'll continue to add more as I find my older topics or when I create new ones.
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#2 2019-04-04 23:51:02
See my new post on ideas related to Bast's plans to add resources that can only be obtained on one planet type each. Let me know what you think, and post your ideas there too if you want.
#3 2019-06-18 14:52:40
Check out my new updated terraforming ideas for mc: