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Was I ever wrong about Regions Best idea ever !

Finly decided to really try and see how regions works .
And boy was I ever Wrong with what I thought they would be .
My big problem was I am still stuck in how SimCity 4 worked and thought bast did it like them .

All the issues with SimCity 4 regions are just not there .
First starting a new city takes a second ( SimCity 4 takes up to a mint or 3 even )
second resources Are counted across all regions ( unlike SimCity 4 which you had to enter each city for that citys resources to update )
A Huge difference .
The one downside is each city must have its own landing pads or what every way to get colonists you use .
If bast could make it so colonists could arrive from any city regions would be perfect . Then you start a new city and just add houses first .

anyway It also does away with the slowing down of a huge city almost totally . For the very first time I have over 250 k colonists and am adding more for the very first time I finly getting resources in at rates I thought out of reach without the mega city .

Using regions you can get resource gains of darn near any amount you like .

anyway am glad I finly understand how regions works . Ps one really cool thing is I can make whole citys just for looks beaches forest the works .

Ps on a final note It would be amazing if when placing a new city we could Chose what world and species it would be .

thankfully bast never put in any demand graphic with SimCity first thing you needed to do was get demand for a resource if you had none it did not matter how many areas you added for say factory's they just would not fill with employs
great idea if colonist could travel between cities that would make stuff much easier
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