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EZ Office Apps

#1 2019-03-20 11:59:59
I just found these apps, and what got me interested is that I supposedly can use on all my computers and phones, and the data will be synced across all platforms. Well, I have a few issues, that I need help with.

1. I have a Windows computer, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad.
2. The applications will not work on the iPhone or iPad, the apps have been installing for almost 24hours.
3. There is no synchronization of data between the Windows and Android.

What is missing?
#2 2019-03-26 13:21:46
Generally you have to be signed in to your Ape Apps Account on all devices. Also, some apps the cloud sync is turned on or off on a per-file basis, it is a little different depending on which app.

When you say the iPhone/iPad doesn't work, do you mean the apps don't even start?
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