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One city "broken" on a regional area

Hy all,

On my game, one of my city (the main one off course :) ) is now impossible to open.

When I click on, the loading menu go to "logging in to server" and immediatly bring me back to the region. I can click again and again, this city remain unacessible. All the other city are fine.

I play on the natif app on PC, I never meet the trouble.

I have save of the same day, but when I load them, the game charge the broken version (I presume as i play online its not possible to use my recovery save ?)

Thanks if someone have a solution :)
Had same issue twice, even loading previous manual save didn't fix it once, but other time it did. Not sure if there was any difference between the two times it happened, but both time it was on my "testing" colony where I might have caused the save corruption myself by messing with some buggy things before they were fixed.

The time when loading previous manual save didn't help I just ended up deleting the city.

Also, if the loss of that city sets you far behind feel free to send a message/embassy to OEyfyQGB
I can send any resource and any quantity, to help you get back up to were you were before losing the city :D
All right thank for your reply guy and your assistance!

I will try to do more backup save, but I'm so surprise that the backup would not work. I hope next time it will...

I go build a new city :) I le you know if I need a hand for the ressource thank !
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