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Online independece question

I have a simple question. A player who obtains independence will remain in his commonwealth area and he can leave if he wants to create his own commonwealth? Or.. How does it works in general? =))))
No, a player who obtains independence will automatically leave his commonwealth and become a commonwealth which can have colonies under it.
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When you join the game you make a colony under earth (or the zolarg, LIS or reptilian equivalent) or under the commonwealth of a player. As long as you don't declare independence (and the commonwealth leader doesn't rescind your charter), you will remain in the commonwealth. Once you declare independence you are no longer part of the commonwealth, with that colony. Once you get members to join your charter, you have your own commonwealth.

Come to the fff if you have more questions, they will be answered much faster ;-)
Usually it's much more beneficial to group together into commonwealths instead of being out on your own, which is why we have the ability join another cw once independent, because maybe we don't like being isolated and want to work with others to progress. If you are thinking of declaring independence, make sure that you are confident that your colony is developed enough to support itself without assistance and that you are willing to handle all of the resource challenges that your colony throws at you with support from other colonies, such as the alien art/uranium/aluminum/microchips bottleneck for humans that takes almost forever to surpass without outside help.

Declaring independence prematurely can lead to you losing interest in your colony if things get too hard and you have no support. If you plan on creating your own cw, still remain in another cw until you are absolutely sure that your colony is developed enough to support other child colonies. It's one thing to be able to support yourself, but it's an entirely different thing when you have child colonies to take care of. Creating a cw prematurely can lead to people leaving your cw soon after they join because they get no support from you.

In other words, think of your cw as a community of it's own. Each person has a different role in the community, and when one person needs help with a certain resource, the specific person that produces the most can give the resource to the one needing it. As for my colony, I haven't specialized just yet, but I hope to be able to gather ether on my world and share it with my cw members. This will only be possible if LIS ever get's the ability to collect ether from their version of the abandoned world. I'm also thinking about going into the diamond industry and producing tons of that just in case the ether plan doesn't pan out.
Or just make a reptile world Amorphous
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