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Death 3D Episode 1 Complete

I have finally completed Episode 1 - Lunar 3 of Death 3D! Death 3D will eventually have a three episode campaign story, and work now begins on Episode 2 - The Pegasus. While you await Episode 2 though, you can now view a playthrough of the entire first episode on this YouTube playlist!

Or if you want to watch it now, I have embedded the entire Episode 1 campaign into this post. Enjoy!

E1M1 - Breakout

E1M2 - Maintenance

E1M3 - The Warehouse

E1M4 - Staff Housing

E1M5 - Cold Storage

E1M6 - Minimum Security

E1M7 - Officers Lounge

E1M8 - Transporter Room

I do not expect the second and third episodes to take as long to complete as Episode 1, which was created while also building the game engine. Once Episode 2 is complete, Death 3D will be coming to iOS, and when Episode 3 is complete, it will be coming to Steam as well. Until then, you can play Death 3D on Android, on Windows 10 or in your web browser of choice, but the best way to play the game is through the Ape Apps Launcher for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Enjoy!

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Death 3d
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