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Big Update to Ape Chat

The online chat software that is embedded into this website (among others) and in many of my games has just gotten a large update. If you are using the embedded version of chat, you will not notice much of a difference, but if you detach the chat or go to the chat server directly at you will notice some welcome changes.

There is a new sidebar on the left side of the chat window that will show all of the chat channels you have joined, and you can now connect to as many channels at the same time as you wish. You can create or join new channels by typing their channel name into the add channel bar above the channel listing area. If you are connected to multiple channels, the hashtag indicator will light up green if new messages come through on a channel that is currently running in the background.

There are a few more features that I will be adding soon that are pretty much ready to go on the server, but the client needs updated yet. Each channel can now have an owner and multiple moderators, can set privacy settings, and can be made invite-only. When a user creates a new channel and they are the first user in that channel, they will become the moderator and have control over it. This feature is not yet live, so if you have a channel name in mind that you want to be in control of, you should probably keep it to yourself for now, since they are first come/first serve. At some point I can retroactively add channel moderators to existing channels if there is a need.

Each channel also now has its own private settings, ban lists, etc. I will have more to say on that stuff when the client code is finished.

When that functionality is done, some of the auto-generated channels (like the My Colony channels) will automatically have their proper owners assigned to them.

Anyway, that is today's update for the chat. This new setup should make it easy for users who are in multiple chats, for instance, if you run multiple My Colony commonwealths. Let me know what issues you have or what suggestions and ideas you have to make chat better in the updates to come!
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