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Help needed with Zolarg

#1 2019-05-15 21:38:15
Hello everyone,

I've been playing zolarg for a day or so now and I've gotten pretty far with them. However, I don't see a way to obtain alien artifacts on sugarland. I remember being told a long time ago that you have to declare independence before you gain access to buildings that would lead to alien tech. However, I highly doubt that this is true. I'm at the point where I've gained so much research that I've even unlocked the wheel, and i'm producing every resource available to me, and I've built all of the workers to make sure I just don't have the right worker built. but I still can't manage to find where to get alien arts. Is this a bug(no pun intended) or is it just me.

I know that zolarg are still kind of under construction as well, but I thought they were a bit more fleshed out than what I'm seeing. Can someone give me advice. Currently I'm building up cloth production so I can auto-sell it on the alter of commerce, and I'm up to $100k, but I have a long way to go before I can buy artifacts.

I also noticed that diamonds and obsidian aren't produceable on the sugarland. obsidian I can understand since you get it from lava planet, but where do they get the diamonds?
#2 2019-05-16 01:40:20
It's true that you need independence. Independence unlocks numerous buildings including the unholy core mine which extracts almost all the resources you need, as well as relics. Which then unlocks the relic couldron that uses relics and antpaste to make AA. Daimond and uranium,, you can get from the unholy spanners apart from the UCMs themselves. And even the oil production I believe starts after independence. It's after independence that you unlock mysticism and anatura which is used for these buildings
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#3 2019-05-16 03:16:54
That’s a little unfair though, don’t you think? If I happen to start my colony in a good Cw and want to stay, I can’t because I must declare independence to further progress.

Sure, I could always leave and then come right back, but I seriously think this needs changing. Right now my aim is independence but I’m thinking about other people who don’t want to deal with that redundancy.

Oh well, thanks for letting me know.
#4 2019-05-16 04:28:35
Yeah, I don't like it either, to leave an active CW or see some active guy leaving my CW. That's why I ask guys to join discord. To stay in touch even after getting independence. But dependent zolargs do need bit more love to make game more interesting untill their independence. And even once you get UCM, and starships there is nothing much to do in game
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#5 2019-05-16 15:56:04
Yeah, that's why i'm going to be churning out new ideas for fleshing the zolarg out. I have a thread for it in ideas of you want to add any ideas of your own to the mix. I'm trying to think of as many things as possible.
#6 2019-05-17 13:26:29
Ok, so I've declared independence, but now I want to join the same cw as my human colony. I know that this is possible, but I don't know exactly how to rejoin another cw. I've never done it before.
#7 2019-05-17 21:17:11
once you declare independence, you start your own CW, and hence cant join any other CW sadly. however if you had not been independent, you can request annexation through the communication tower or a similar named building
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#8 2019-05-22 00:05:53
I see a lot of things missing for zolarg, although I'm still able to play the game to some extent. I feel like there are many resources that need alien or unholy versions. Below are some resources that I think need a better way to produce them:

Food: food is ridiculous, you need an entire small map full of the food fortification plants just to support 40-50k colonists over several maps. Humans can do much better as they have the tall farms that produce 500 food every couple of seconds, or the food processing factories that just spew out food.

water: just like food, you end up having to create an entire small map filled with these things in order to support your colony as it grows. Eventually, I'll end up needing another map full of them. This definitely needs to change. Humans can produce an overwhelming amount of water in end-game, even to the point of causing the atmosphere to plummet, why should zolarg be stuck with such an inferior water production

Ant paste: This one too, I have a map full of paste mixers and they still don't produce very much ant paste. Usually with basic resources like this you can usually get to the point where you produce more than you can use in just one small map, but these paste mixers are the devil in end-game.

Antanium: This one too depletes very fast even with a small map filled with them, but not nearly as fast an ant paste. Still, ant paste is for zolarg what steel is to humans, and we have a steel alien factory, so I think these should have an alien counterpart as well.

Aluminum: I think it would be nice if zolarg got their own unique alien aluminum gen that took antanium to generate aluminum. UCM's can churn out aluminum, if you build an entire medium map full of them that is. Who has time to build that many? And don't tell me that we can just build mines, because humans can generate everything automatically at end-game, and there's nothing they can't mass produce.

Wood: we're still stuck in the dark ages with wood, growing and cutting down mega trees like an idle champ I am. My idea in the "fleshing out zolarg" thread in the ideas forum mentions a building that can combine paste, cloth, and antaura to make wood. I personally don't care how much @basteklein makes this thing produce as wood isn't too high in demand, we just need a way to automate that resource so we don't have to keep resorting to mega-trees.

housing: I feel like better housing is in order. The worship mounds do the trick but you have to spam them.

Colonists: We need a better way to get colonists faster. Perhaps in bigger housing, colonists could be produced quicker.

Importing/exporting: zolarg need the third and fourth tier customs centers. I recoomend the fourth being some sort of mystic gate that acts just like the stargate and consumes antaura. But zolarg really need to be able to export more than 1k resources at a time, especially if you're trying to prepare for a medium-map sized project and need several million of each resource and you have the money to import those resources.

Starships: We have the tech, but we don't have the means. This is the end of the game currently, and I feel like it should be more like the halfway point.

triantanium: I could've swore that zolarg were the first to get triantanium, yet I can't find any buildings for zolarg that produce it. I'd say that we should be able to produce it at some point. After all, zolarg invented antanium.

Charcoal,plastic,steel, robots, toys, paintings, brick, pottery, microchips, and instructions are all missing from zolarg. I feel like zolarg could use a lot of these in their own ways, but I also think that they shouldn't have access to everything that humans do, or else playing them would be just the same as playing humans in end-game. still, at least some of these resources would be useful.

I also feel like some of the resources in the game are lacking in ways to use them, so I just sell those to make money as I get them or gift them to my other colonies.

That's all I have for now, but I'm pretty sure I can come up with more if i think further about it. Those were the major areas anyway. i realize that zolarg are still under construction, so I understand why these aren't in the game, but I feel like zolarg has been put off for too long, and it may be one of the things that is causing the lack of interest from people of late. I recommend finishing them before doing anything extensive on reptilians side as people that have zolarg colonies have been waiting much longer than reptilian colonies have.
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