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Ideas for fleshing out zolarg.

These ideas are simply to cover some of the gaps that I see in the zolarg playthrough.

first of all, I think that at some point, just like humans, zolarg should gain the ability to produce every resource automatically instead of requiring micromanagement. Some people might fight me on this, but if zolarg are going to be as powerful as humans are now, they need automation just like humans.

The below names for the techs and buildings are just examples of what they could be named. It's the concepts that matter the most.


Alien genetic engineering: The ancients were very skilled at designing organisms to their liking. Learn their ways of mass producing organic resources.

Tall construction: learn how to build and grow sturdy buildings that reach for the sky and save space.

Organic megastructures: Learn how to build massive organic structures that people can live and work in. They heal themselves as long as they receive food and water, and they allow for a higher level of industry. This technology far surpasses the ancients in the field of organic engineering. It's all uncharted territory from here.

Insectoid shipbuilding: this tech already exists, but I was thinking of expounding on it

Insectoid clay works: Insectoid have finally learned what to do with all that clay they've been collecting. Learn how to make bricks and pottery.


Brains: These are the insectoid's version of the microchip. This organic form of computing far suprasses the microchip, and thus less are needed in order to fulfill computing needs. However, the cost to build them is high.

Organs: I feel like this one is self explanatory. Organs can be used in hospitals to heal people, and they could be used to make complex organic systems. you'll also get to see how they are used below.


Basic organics:

unholy brain grower: This building grows genetically engineered brains that, in all intensive purposes, are basically supercharged microchips. Since organic data storage is much more compact and powerful than traditional computing, one brain could do the work of 1 thousand microchips. This allows insectoids to now build complex structures that can do things for them. Consumes antaura, clay, food and ant paste in large quantities to prouce a small amount of brains.

Unholy Organ grower: Alien stem cell research and antaura research has given rise to organ growing, which has revolutionized the insectoid's health and technology fields. Consumes water, oil, and antaura to produce organs.

Organic robot factory: The insectoids have learned to genetically design and program organic robots to do their bidding. These robots are smarter and more flexible than rigid mechanical robots and they are cheaper to build. Some people even treat robots as pets as they can be given emotions and trained or programmed to do anything. However, the demand for these robots is higher due to organic products being less durable than mechanical ones, and there's the fact that any building that uses them requires food and water as well. consumes microchips, organs, food and water to produce robots.

Sacrificial alter: Any religion has it's share of required sacrifices, and insectoid religion is no different. By sacrificing their robotic pets, insectoids are given access to massive amounts of antaura. Consumes lots of robots, generates massive amounts of antaura.

unholy cloner: Using the ancients organic technology and the raw power of antaura to mass-produce more insectoids. requires alien artifacts, antaura, food and water during use.

Insectoid shipbuilding:

Starship grower: Consumes microchips, organs, robots, food, water, and ant paste to produce starships.

Starship lair: Houses and nourishes starships. Consumes food and water regularly.

Misc. Buildings:

Insectoid hotel: a tall, organic hotel that tourists can stay in. performs the same functions as the human hotel.

insectoid restaurant: a simple, antanium laden building that performs the same functions as the human restaurant.

large park: Insectoids have the necessary resources the build this building as well, so they should be able to build it.

Spire of revelations. When uranium is infused with antaura, it creates a powerful hallucinogen that fills an insectoid's mind with revelations from the gods. This generates pure knowledge, leading to massive amounts of research progress. however, this substance takes it's toll on the one using it and they could wither away rather quickly from radiation poisoning if they aren't given constant medical care. Would be an upgrade to the spire of knowledge.

Organic megastructures:

Unholy Paste extruder: A massive organic factory that uses antaura, water, trash, and sugar in large amounts to constantly produce a large amount of ant paste. It will still produce ant paste when out of trash, but trash accelerates the production. This gives insectoid that ability to take care of their trash problems.

clothing sweatshop: Same concept as the human sweatshop, except that this sweatshop is a massive organic factory and employs more workers. Consumes tons of cloth to produce tons of money.

Clayworks factory: Produces large amounts of pottery and bricks, but is very inefficient and uses more clay than necessary.

Organic hive: This building would be an upgrade to the unholy mound of worship, but it wouldn't produce anymore antaura. The building is entirely organic and houses many more insectoids. It pulls it's food and water from the ground through roots like a tree, so it doesn't consume anything and will never take damage.

Organic arcology: A mega-hive that houses tens of thousands of insectoids and grows it's own food and provides lots of entertainment and jobs to its residents. consumes sugar, water, and triantanium constantly to produce food, feed itself, and heal structural damage.

Unholy wood synthesizer: An organic megastructure that synthesizes wood. Ant paste, when combined with antaura and cloth and then hardened, becomes fibrous like wood and can be used in all the same ways as normal wood can. consumes antaura, ant paste and cloth to produce wood. Bast can decide how much wood is produced. It doesn't really matter as long as we get an automatic way to make wood for zolarg. I feel like cloth is largely unused but easily produced in regards to zolarg.

Overmind command center: Turn your unholy command center into an organic megastore that can think for itself and govern your people. Requires the most amount of brains to build out of any other building, but rewards you with even more civic production.

Charcoal buildings:

Charcoal hut: add the same hut that humans have in so that zolarg can use it to make charcoal. I feel like if insectoids know how to burn sugar for power, they should know how to make charcoal from wood.

dark power spire: like the power spire, but feeds off of charcoal instead of sugar. Could be useful on a sugarless planet.

I'll come up with more over time.
Upon playing the game further, and subsequently reaching the end of the developed game. I've gotten a better understanding of what theme bast is going for. It seems that some of the buildings above would still work, but some might not fit the alien/unholy theme that bast is going for. So, I'm completely changing the list to include only things that would be useful to zolarg and fit the alien/unholy theme.

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