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New insectoid gameplay mechanic:

This idea is mainly here to solve the independence issue that zolarg have when they absolutely have to declare independence to progress through the game. I don't think it's fair that an insectoid commonwealth can't grow because all of it's underlings have to leave in order to grow further. I also don't think it's fair that if we like the cw we're in, we have to still leave that cw to grow further.

So here is my solution:

Two different outcomes would befall the zolarg. They can either declare independence and go down the black majic route, or stay on-board with their colony and go the second route(eternal servitude), using other forms of technology, but still getting some of the same advanced technology that you would otherwise get from independence. Both outcomes will lead to the same end of the tech tree, but they will use different methods to reach the end-game. Those that go down the eternal servitude route will eventually be able to attain independence in end-game, but that independence will costly greatly more than the normal independence, and they will also eventually be able to access unholy tech. The same applies to the unholy path, they'll eventually gain access to the second path's tech. But the purpose of this is to keep to the lore of Zolarg not allowing unholy tech by giving colonies that wish to stay dependent a unique tech of their own, and then eventually giving them access to everything.

Bast can do anything with this and add whatever tech he wants for the second path. However, I can't give an incomplete idea, that's just not my style, so I've provided samples below.


Eternal servitude: Congratulations, you have swore an oath of unending servitude to your commonwealth. You will serve them forever, never to declare independence. Because of this, you will never be allowed to access unholy technologies. However, your commonwealth has blessed you with a wealth of new technology that is only legal for eternal servants to use.

When unlocking this tech, the option to declare independence disappears until you unlock the next tech below or until your contract is rescinded.

Brute force Independence: You can expect an all out war with your commonwealth should you decide to force your way to independence after swearing your eternal oath. This will be a very expensive endeavor, but freedom is priceless. requires starships, civic, money, research, food, water, and a certain number of colonists will need to be sacrificed in the war effort.

This tech allows colonies that wish to follow the eternal servant path to declare independence in end-game, but is much more costly to purchase than regular independence.

Sample techs:

Organic/living technology: Zolarg are able to take the alien's research into genetic engineering to the next level, developing organic resources, and eventually organic mega-structures and starships. Organic buildings repair themselves as they get the resources they need, but wither away if they can't get the resources they need. Organic technology would allow zolarg to do more things with the organic resources(sugar, food, water, wood, charcoal, oil, paste, plastic, cloth) that they have instead of working with non-organic resources like ore, gold, uranium, relics, arts, aluminum, diamonds, or antanium. Those organic resources can further be used to build more advanced buildings in place of non-organic buildings.

Holy technology: The next option is to give Zolarg tech that uses the opposite kind of energy to antaura, Zolaura(bast can name it whatever). This resource is also untradeable and does wonders of it's own, but it different ways. It can be used to produce power, but it can also enhance most production buildings as well. However, I wouldn't just renamed and recolor all of the existing unholy buildings and call them holy buildings, the tech should give dependent insectoids unique advantages over independent insectoids. Perhapse zolaura's core mine digs up crystalline in place of diamonds, allowing for crystalline to be automated, or perhaps zolaura gains access to wood and charcoal generators instead of oil and uranium generators. Holy power spires should definately perform the same as unholy spires, and in end-game, insectoids should get a building that cancels out antaura with zolaura to produce massive amounts of power.

Insectnoids really need new adoptions for better industrial production and stuff. +1 to your ideas!
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