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What to do if your colonists are mad about education?

I've tried everything. I've build many, many, many, schools, and it just made it worse. I need help, or else my colony is going to die.
Yes, it is confusing the way education works/doesn't work. Here's the rundown of the process:

Colonists enter the colony, look for housing and employment. If they can not find employment they will look for education. Upon completing the education they check again for employment and if there still isn't any jobs they complain about education. So the real problem is not enough jobs.

So long as you have the jobs, you won't need to worry about education because as it stands education isn't really forced. Buildings with a higher education requirement will teach colonists on the job without education. Now, this may change but the current state is that education isn't necessary.

Hope this helps you out. If you have any more questions drop by our discord, we have a bunch of people who can help you out.
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Also what's your colonies average IQ
I've had average violinist IQ above 120 and still they complain about education... It doesn't make sense but it's really about jobs available within your education limits.
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