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Huge lag when importing more people

Hi guys,

Anyone got some tips how to import people on large map without causing the massive lag?

I got around 350k pop now.
Whenever i try to expand, the game lags like crazy and can stay like that for 1-2h.

The only solution to decrease the lag is to import 2,000 at a time.
But even that makes the game run really slow.

I have removed the majority of my advanced cloning facilities.
Currently i can only have 2 running without breaking the game compleatly.

All my buildings, housing etc are of course connected to roads.
The new colonists does not have a far way either to travel to their new home.

Best regards,
This happened to me frequently even before advanced cloning facilities existed. It just seems that excessive immigration causes issues with the game in general. The only "fix" I could find was to restart the game and it would run a little better afterwards.
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