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Mega World! (new map) ☺

#1 2019-07-01 13:23:37
#NewMap #MegaWorld #Ideas

Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

This is the new map idea, with new resources and challenges! 😈

Mega World planets are not dead planets, however one of the most dangerous places to colonize. Toxic and unbreathable (for humans only so far, but not a problem for Insectnoids and the local dwellers Giants) atmosphere. Soil that is not sutible for growth of ordinery crops. Dangerous gigantic beasts. Toxic Pandora plants only the beasts can eat. Despite the dangers, there’s resources that cannot found in anywhere else in the galaxy - Pandora Gas (P-Gas in short), also known as the ‘miricle gas’ that can grow ordinery plants into huge plants and allow them to cultivate them in soils of Mega World; the dangerous beasts are extremly rare in other planets; Pandora fruit from the Pandora plants are ingredients for the extraordinery Pandora Rum (but it is just rum, okay?).

<Exclusive Rovers>

• Hunter rover
When you cannot grow crops in Mega World, hunting the beasts is the only choices. Although not much can be done by a rover, it gets the job done.

• Pandora rover
This rover harvests Pandora fruit and builds basic structures.

<Exclusive Workers>
Various Giant worker units can be hired from the Giants’ Residences located in the map, using food. They are more efficient than common rovers.

<Exclusive Resources>

• Pandora Fruit
Although pandora fruits are not edible for most people you still need them as these are beasts’ diet and can make some fantastic batches of rum. Drying them can also extract some minerals.

• Beasts
Dangerous, huge, terrifying, but also delicious meals for many and valuable pets.

• P-Gas
This miricle gas will grow huge plants (and allow cultivation in Mega World) that will lead to a new agricultural revolution!

Next time new buildings (and something about the terrains too) will be introduced. Stay tuned!

On the other hand, any more additional ideas? Or some improvements? Comments please (•ω•)
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#2 2019-07-04 08:03:38
An entertainment building idea for this map - Beast & Feast.
That’s unique culture in Mega World colonies (as I define), besides serving delicoius beast meat kebabs, rums are also served.
This account will not be under use. To indicate me, please refer to my new account - @GeneralWadaling .
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