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{[UNOB]} 👉 The Nation of Bait NEEDS YOU! (highest payroll support, LARGEST and MOST ACTIVE commonwealth and NO TAX!)

#1 2019-07-13 17:24:40
Hello! Welcome to the Commonwealth of Bait.

Over here, there is simply nothing preventing you from striving. With our payroll assistance rate of 9003% and policy to reward our active players, your colony is guaranteed to thrive among the rest. We have not only the highest payroll assistance rate on My Colony, but we also do not tax our members. What are you waiting for then? Join the Commonwealth of Bait!

We have an extremely generous community that is willing to help others out at the cost of anything! Join our discord and ask for anything. ~ ~

Our Charter Code is "OQUUg0mM" Please insert this (or click on My Commonwealth Name!) before starting a Colony. If you are already in a Commonwealth and would like to join the Nation of Bait, simply build a Transmission Hub and click "Request Annexation" (very cheap) to join our Commonwealth. Do you have any debts that you owe your previous Commonwealth? Don't worry, we'll pay them all off!

Thank you and have a great day
~ The Commonwealth of Bait

We are Now a FEDERATION! Join the discord to get the best charter lists, friendliest community, trading, and free items! ~ ~
~ Website: & ~
~ Creator of Leaderboard Colony "Bait" A Colony of the [{UNOB}]. ~
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#2 2019-11-16 13:32:10
We now have a discord server! Join it here: ~ ~
~ Website: & ~
~ Creator of Leaderboard Colony "Bait" A Colony of the [{UNOB}]. ~
#3 2019-12-10 19:48:43
Also we do giveaways in the discord server every couple members!

bump bump!
~ Website: & ~
~ Creator of Leaderboard Colony "Bait" A Colony of the [{UNOB}]. ~
#4 2020-01-14 19:17:35
Current Giveaway: Winner gets 4 billion ore, 2.5 billion dollars, 500 million uranium, and 50 million triantanium!

Join the discord to participate!
~ Website: & ~
~ Creator of Leaderboard Colony "Bait" A Colony of the [{UNOB}]. ~
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