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Statistics addition

I don't really know if this has been thought of before. I have been playing for about weeks increasingly though I have found that my colonists tend to quit and or retire from their jobs and I often find jobs on somewhat important buildings unfilled. What I think would be very useful are 2 things
1. A set of graphs that shows you the happiness, commute distances average, average energy. These would useful for better micro managing the layout of your colony.
2. It would be really nice to have a view that allows you to see population density, unemployment density. Again these would be useful to help make your colony more easily managed.

3. this one isn't really a needed feature but it would be nice would be a map of commute distances so you could get an idea of where certain colonists are coming from.
4 lastly and this one I think would be great would be either buses that transport colonists closer to work or a train.
The last two are just ideas to think about for the future the first 2 though I think would be a good improvement to the game. Anyways let me know what you think. I have been loving the game so far. Keep up the good work.
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