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A possible environmental Utilities

#1 2019-08-07 21:25:34
It's easy to sit and think of all of the obvious utilities that could be added to my colony, but there are some utilities that we should be careful not to overlook. For example, planets are not all the same. Some are hot, some are cold, some have breathable air, and some don't, and some even have too much. Some are exposed to solar radiation more than others, some are completely dark and shrouded, and yet others have no ground to land on at all.

What I'm getting at is that based on the planetary environment, humans need certain conditional utilities to survive, utilities such as indoor heating or cooling, oxygen and radiation protection. On some planets, lighting my be needed to prevent colonists from becoming unhappy due to the continuous darkness, like on ice and lava planets, and maybe even on abandoned, where it's always a maddening but awesome purple dim instead of full day or night. Some planets may even need poison protection.

I would say that the best way to implement these is to just create the structures and requirements to facilitate each environmental utility and have them in the code, but only activate those utilities on specific planets, thus only certain planets would require specific environmental utilities to be provided and allow the construction of the buildings that relate to that utility. For instance, heating could be required on red and ice planets, but not on lava planet, and heating infrastructure would not appear in the list of available buildings on lava planet, even if you have the resources to build them, instead cooling infrastructure would be available and would definitely be required.

People who suddenly move from a cushy earth-like world to a dead planet where everything is about survival could become traumatized and depressed and undergo serious psychological strain, which could call for a mental therapy utility. Colonists could commit suicide if they become too depressed. Suicides could throttle immigration rates for a duration and cause unhappiness. Some races could be more resistant or susceptible to mental breakdown and suicide than others, and different races could have different ways of accomplishing this. For instance, reptilians could have a brainwashing array that reprograms the minds of it's colonists to prevent them from feeling certain emotions like rage or sadness. It would be unethical, but that's just what reptilians are.

But these are just a few of the possibilities. I wanted to get this out there since I just now saw the new update.
#2 2019-08-08 00:22:14
Very nice idea you have here! Life support (& protection) utilities against harsh enviornments is very important, and it is definitely real challenges to colonize a planet.

And you did have a nice concept of ‘homesick/Earth-sick’ that are usually commonly found on colonists. 😝

(I think I’ll also present my building+resource ideas regarding this)
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#3 2019-08-08 12:40:32

Okay here it goes:

Breathable Gas Utility
So here is my version: New oxygen (oxy) resource. Utility demand increases with number of colonists (and some buildings). Infinite supply when terraforming reached stage 2 (greening stage) and 3 (earthlike stage) (but not stage 4 (smog stage) and above as atmosphere is polluted). Oxygen will be consumed in utility supplies for most. Low breathable gas supply will cause health loss to all colonists.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
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#4 2019-08-12 14:45:02
sounds good @GeneralWadaling

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