H3ll0 guys!

If you have played as insectnoids you might found out insectnoids has very few tourism structures.

Today I’ll introduce some of my ideas!

Clay Mill - A crude mixer for making some clay for further processing. Conusmes water and ore.
Insectnoid Kiln - This crude kiln will turn clay into pottery by the Artmasters (new job), while burning woods and produce charcoal as by-product.
Mound of Guests - A simple yet cozy and decorated mound for tourists to stay.
Bugzarr - An insectnoid bazzar that will sell potteries and some trip supplies to tourists, draining money from their pockets.
House for Starvers - Insectnoid restaurant.
Paintermound - Where insectnoid Artmasters creates pieces of paintings.
Insectnoid Museum of Arts - Insectnoid art gallery.
Sauna Hive - Enjoy steam sauna in this little hive!
Charred Power Spire - Burns charcoal and sugar to generate power!