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I propose that more software items should be added as well adding software to existing items {such as The Robot Factory and Robot Incorporated and even the Investment Bank}. A resource such as Electronics could be added to the game that takes software to create. Electronics could be "made" into phones computer and TVs to be sold this could happen in an "iBanana" build for example. This build should make A LOT of money as companies that sell electronics make BILLIONAIRES! Software could also be used to add AI cars that drive colonist to and from there jobs houses and places of entertainment. These cars would require a building to park at and Bandwidth.
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So one of the main point of your idea is adding a new electronics resource.

I agree that we should have something like a electronics factory, however as electronic is too widely used (they are commercial goods like textiles), I am thinking about the electronics factory are used to make money from consuming microchips, steel, (probably plastic) and software.
I’m not saying your idea is a bad one, but I can see some potential for electronics resource.
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