H3110 guys!
Remustard version

Note that this is the re-edited version.
What happened to the previous version?
Spoiler:Why I am re-doing the posts? The reason is now the ideas gets very messy and now I think there’s a need to re-organize them neatly. The previous old version is now hidden, in order not to make the forum too messy.

So far, we have expanded many contents, however the majourity is on human.
That is understand-able, because we are human, and we understand what elements are needed for a human colony.
On the other hand... Other races are seemed forgotten.
So you know what I’ll do.
Today, I’ll launch my new series of ideas - The Insectnoid Expansion!

Well as some player reflects Insectnoid buildings are somehow too crude; or directly saying these are a bit ugly.
So I’ll make use of that, to reinvent insectnoid construction with some of my ideas to help improving their constructions

New Technologies!
  • Insectnoid Ceramic Buildings
    It’s time for learning arts of architecture - Use shiny smooth fine ceramics (from clay) to build structures and make your buildings beautiful and no longer looking so crude!
  • Insectnoid Megastructure
    Learn how to build very complex structures and even bigger mounds!
  • Scaffoldings
    Make use of scaffoldings for construction and large scale production purposes.
  • Complex Machineries
    Learn how to build super-fine machineries, in insectnoid style.

New Buildings!
  • Clay Pit
    This working station mixes ant paste with water and ore to make clay!
  • Glazed Mound
    A better mound, houses more people, produces more food from sugar, and most importantly, it looks prettier.
  • Silo of Stuff
    An upgrade of the pit of stuff that is fortified with ceramic, it’s taller that it can hold more resources.
  • Polished Water Vats
    An upgrade of Water Vats that can hold more water and looks prettier.
  • House of Running Rum
    What’s better than a Gentlebug’s Club? A larger public house which high quality rum are provided endlessly with a wide range of entertainment! Also serves tourists!
  • Sugarmill
    This mechanical food extractor efficiently turns suagr into lots of food!
  • Labour Camp
    A multi-mound complex that is filled with subterranean farms and labour quarters! While providing lots of housing and storage for wood, water, sugar and food, it consumes a steadly stream of water to produce sugar and wood.
  • The Megamound
    A gigantic tourism structure specialised for holding a wide range of events from sports tournamnets to grand meetings. Generates civics, money and a little research.
  • Deluxe Command Post
    This refined, state of art command post will enable better managements on your subjects and business with your commonewealth.
  • The Bugzarr
    A insectnoid bazzar for selling some daily neccessities. Consumes food, sugar, water, cloth and potteries.
  • Potterbugs’ Mound
    Where insectnoid potters bake clay for making some fine ceramic goods!
  • Floating Garden
    An epic park that would be an epic attraction to the tourists and insectnoids alike!

(more ideas coming soon!)