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Give Oil a bigger storage option in endgame

#1 2019-09-11 01:11:03
For humans, Oil is the only major resources that can not be stored in Grav Warehouse, and is stuck with Quantum Oil Tank with its 45k capacity even well into endgame.

The only other resources which have less storage are Painting (which are minor, and will even get a bigger storage than Oil in 0.9.5) and Starship (which is understandable given its nature).

As such, would it be possible to allow Oil to be stored in Grav Warehouse like all other major resources, or at least give it a bigger endgame storage option than the Quantum Oil Tank?
#2 2019-09-11 16:07:04
Simplest solution would be to allow Grav Warehouse to store it. After all, practically all other major resources are stored by the Grav Warehouse.

Even the Draconian general storage building (Powered Materials Silo) also stores it together with most other resources.