This planet should be for humans and insectoids.

The jungle is a dense, wet, hard to traverse landscape, with mega-trees, small mud deposits, oil deposits, sugar cane, choffee trees, and brierleaf bushes dominate the landscape. Water is more abundant, but not to the point of being like water world. The mega trees are abundant enough to spread faster than they are harvested, so the player will always have a supply of wood and the mud deposits will give clay when harvested, but in much greater supply than normal clay mines. These make the planet a lot easier to colonize, but this is balanced out by briarleaf bushes.

The bushes don't spread, but they pose as hard to destroy obstacles for the player as nothing can pass through them. These bushes can't be bulldozed and would yield 1 wood per harvest, but have a total of 25 wood, so you can imagine how long it would take to get rid of them with just forest or lumber bots. Eventually the player should be given a quicker way to get rid of briarleaf bushes. One way could be to implement a scorcher bot that gathers 5 charcoal per harvest from briarleaf bushes, trees, and mega trees. It would be a quick way to get a small supply of charcoal going, which would be essential for ore production in human colonies. A fire bug carries out the same function for insectoids and gathers charcoal from all trees.

However, this map has one major advantage, choffee beans. This new resource can be combined with sugar to make chocolate, or with sugar and water to make coffee, which could be used for all sorts of creative purposes. Some ideas are mentioned below for both humans and insectoids:

choffee bot: harvests cocoa trees for choffee beans.

chocolate mixing plant: consumes choffee beans and sugar to produce chocolate, this can be built on any planet.

coffee mixing plant: consumes choffee beans, sugar, and water to produce coffee, this can be built on any planet

choffee farm: consumes water and produces choffee beans, can only be built on jungle planets.
Candy store: consumes chocolate and sugar to produce a small amount of food and money.

Candy Store: consumes chocolate and sugar to produce small amounts of money and food.

Choco land: a tourist attraction that requires a massive regular supply of chocolate and smaller supplies of rum, food, and water, but provides tons of tourism and money. the attraction can only be built in jungle planets and is made entirely from chocolate, which is why it needs such a large supply.

coffee shop: where everyone with a sweet tooth goes to hang out. Consumes Coffee to produce entertainment and money and restores colonist energy. Can be built on any planet and could be a creative way to increase the tolerance of high commute distances. Perhaps if a colonists energy is low, no matter what they are doing, they will stop what they are doing and look for a coffee shop, so long as they have enough money and there is a coffee shop in range of them.

nutrient enrichment plant: since choffee beans naturally contain lots of healthy nutrients, this plant will pull the nutrients out of the beans and use them to enrich food. This structure consumes food and choffee beans to produce much more food and can be built on any planet.

skin treatment center: since choffee butter naturally improves skin quality, many women flock to the skin treatment center to be bathed in it. Consumes lots of choffee beans and rum and produces lots of money. Can be built on any planet.

choffee bug: same function as the chofffee bot

Choffee farm: the exact same building as the humans.

chocolate mixing vat: same function as chocolate mixing plant for humans.
coffee mixing vat: same function as coffee mixing plant for humans.

Altar of choffee: the insectoids view choffee beans as holy and can't get enough of the stuff. They even built an altar to the choffee gods. Consumes choffee beans to produce a small amount of civics and antaura.

Candy market - has the same function as the candy store for humans

communal bowl of boiling coffee: works in the same way as the coffee shop for humans.

shell shining center: insectoids have discovered that choffee beans do a great job at polishing their exoskeletal shell. serves the same function as the human's skin treatment center.

advance food fortification center: upgrade to the food fortification plant, consuming choffee beans and food to produce much more food.

choco-land: same building as humans.

ore transmutation altar: consumes antauara and chocolate and produces ore, albeit slowly.
gold transmutation altar: consumes antaura and coffee and produces gold, albeit slowly

Game progression
Human progression would be rather similar to forest world, getting ore from charcoal. Insectoids use the antaura from the altar of choffee to transmutate chocolate into ore and coffee into gold.

Anyway, that's all I have, let me know what you think.