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Applications for the Insectnoid Mind Network

H3110 guys! (•ω•)

In the insectnoid branch of technology, there’s a technology that has nothing unlocked even you have resesrched it - INSECTNOID MIND NETWORK.
And may I explain something here, insectnoid mind network is not a new utility, but it is how insectnoids utilizes the network to exchange thoughts.

So here this time, I am going to put my ideas here seriously.

New Techs unlocked by Insectnoid Mind Network!
  • Neuro Studies
    Learn to study organisms thinking patterns and mind flow from mind data, without the need to cut you head open to study them.
  • Mind Unity
    Bring unity to the minds of your subjects - Not just letting them know what others are thinking, but also helps you to govern them into a deep-mind level.
  • Mind Control
    To ensure your people obey to your government, brainwashing is unavoidable...
    (Also applies on human tech tree)

New Buildings!
  • Interstellar Alter of Integrated Thoughts
    This serves as an upgrade as Interstellar Pad of Thoughts. But it’s stronger as the utilization of Insectnoid Mind Network is able to intergrate pure and raw thoughts into greater mythical power.
  • Mind Bank
    Serve as an upgrade for the Mound of Scholars. This is the place where pure great thoughts and knowledge accumuated and collected from the insectnoids. Provides high level education by inserting raw thoughts and knowledge into their tiny brains while also produces a minor amount of research and a trace amount of antaura from it.
  • Mind Meditation Hub
    Here you can relax, throw away your daily troubles and enjoy the mediataion accompanied with the chilling mind illusions inserted into your brain. This mind treatment is well known among every civilization in the galaxy for its high effectiveness treating depression and mental disorders.
  • Insitution for Thoughts Studies
    Thoughts has infinity possibilities. This insectnoid research insitution is specialised to have some new discoveries and knowledge from studying minds and thoughts.
  • Hall of Minds
    Establish a government insitution to manage matters of insectnoid-importance that goes into the minds of your subjects. Generates civics.
  • Hive of Brainwashing
    Brainwash your broods with those information you desired to insert into their brain, that ensure they obeys the government (though not 100% effective) - under the disguise of education. Generates civics while provides high level education.

Here’s my ideas, and more might come soon.

Ideas and feedbacks?
Comments please (>ω•)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Amorphus said:Tower of endless thinking: A zolarg data miner, same functions, although you might want to tweak some of the rates and construction costs.

Your ideas are great too :p

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You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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