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The Mythos Lands

The mythos lands are like a promised-land for Zolarg, as they flow with naturally occurring antaura. This is where they first discovered the mystical properties of antaura and how it could be created and used to generate enormous amounts of power and how it could be used as a catalyst to miraculously transmutate one resource into another.

I'm thinking about a challenging planet type that focuses on the insectoids mystical side as bast is soon going to be working on insectoid and looking at ideas regarding them. The planet should have some sort of influence on how zolarg accumulate or use antauara and should have it's own bottlenecks to get past. I've included an example of how this world could work, but there are many other things that you could come up with using this theme.

Appearance: My idea for the appearance of this planet type is dark green ground with glowing orange-red water. The water is that color because of the antaura. orange trees and water and oil deposits dot the terrain along with a new resource: glow shrooms. The glow shrooms could be used in insectoid food, lighting, healing structures, and as a good mood inducing "medicine". They also tend to be explosive when combined in certain ways. The shrooms can only be grown in the mythos lands, but could have uses in other races, which makes them relatively valuable. There should be multiple tiers of shroom farms.

Here is how my idea would progress: glow shrooms are harvested manually at first and turned into sugar, which is then turned into food via regular means. Wood can be gathered at the beginning of the game and insectoids should have a basic wood structure that collects water and antaura and one that uses the antaura to transmutate wood into charcoal at the beginning. Then we take charcoal, antaura, and glow shrooms and build a blast crater, which blasts a hole in the ground and exposes a small amount of fresh ore and gold. Ore bugs or gold bugs can build this. The craters only give a small amount of gold and ore before disappearing so it's important that you keep up your charcoal and shroom supply so you can keep building them. but once you have enough resources, you can eventually get the mining project which will eliminate the need for craters and start the normal insectoid tech tree.

A main advantage to this map is not only shroom growing, but also that you gather antaura whenever you gather water, no matter where it comes from. This gives you an almost limitless supply of it, which you can use to generate power or do other things.

Well that's my idea in a nutshell. Let me know what you think and feel free to post your ideas for this theme in this thread.
One quick thing, and this doens't necessarily make this idea bad but...the only thing is, as of right now, antaura is useless for colonies that aren't independent as far as I'm unless he does something like on other worlds where you have different base techs, and essentially mysticism, or parts of it, are implemented by default, then, until some more uses for antaura without requiring the mysticism tech are introduced, the world isn't that valuable?
Bast has already said that he's making antaura accessible for both dependent and independent colonies. There should even be a way to get it now as I recall.

Also since bast hasn't fully completed the insectoid's tech tree yet, there will be many other buildings that depend on antaura. The insectoids still need buildings that enhance the production of important resources. I remember having the build an entire medium map of core mines (and was still strained of resources), a small map for paste mixing bowls(still didn't produce nearly enough for what i needed.), yet another small map full of unholy power spires(I eventually surpassed that as well.), and yet another small map for water cones(ended up having to start a second map for these). You see, so there's major room for improvements, and all of those improvements will no doubt be powered at least partially be antaura.

That is why I'm coming up with this planet. it's a challenge to play on, but then in return for the challenege, you are given an infinite supply of antaura. I woundn't even call it a challenging map, this map would be a lot easier in the mid to end game, so would actually be a bit easier than sugar land. Perhaps it could be the beginner map for zolarg.
Makes sense, and I like the idea, I was just pointing out that he should add in more uses for antaura before adding the mythos lands. I do like the idea of and Unholy Wet Mound for mass amounts of water, and potentially on this world, the mysticism tech is built-in, or maybe is made so that it doesn't require independence, that way you can get a head start!
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