H3110 guys!

It’s very strategical to have some important deposits to spread themselves, such as synth. cryatalline deposits and trees, they duplicates themselves after some time and spawn new next to them, it’s a important way to save the cost for the instant-harvest resources, especially for the crystalline, in the game we have nothing like a crystal grower to get some stable crystalline supplies.

However there’s one thing inconvenient thing in such gameplay is that, rovers and harvesters tend to deplete any deposits they see, this is bad because it also removes some strategical spots for spreading, it gives extra trouble if you wish to have sustainable supplies from those spread-able deposits.

So here comes my idea, HARVEST CONTROL ZONES.

This is a zoning tool that prevents the strategical deposit spread sites to be razed by the dumb rovers, without using walls (in fact, walls are actually useless because somehow the rovers can get ‘glitched’ into the walled zones...) Rovers can still pass through these zones, however, they cannot harvest deposits in these zones, so these strategical deposits are protected as long as the zones aren’t removed.

Hopefully it helps around the matters of spreadable deposits.

BTW I somehow figured out there’s potential for other zoning tools for this game. Such as blueprinting tools for city planning (but probably also produces lots of unwanted entities).
Your ideas? (^ω^)