Dear Bast,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for preparing many good stuff for Zolarg players in this upcoming update, including the ability to not depend on workers for endgame wood and crystal mining. I know that you are not finished adding Zolarg contents to the patch yet, but allow me to deliver a few inputs on the ones already added :

1. Resource storage
Zolarg is going to be using more of the following resources in their gameplay : Charcoal, Oil, and Software. Yet the general storage buildings (the new Unholy Tower, Unholy Pit, and Quantum Pile) can not store those 3 resources, and players are stuck with the abysmal storage capacity of their production buildings.

Would you please add the 3 resources to storage capacity of Unholy Tower, Unholy Pit, and maybe Quantum Pile as well? Especially seeing that those buildings can already store other resources that Zolargs can't even use or produce.

2. Storage cost
Would you confirm whether the 2.5mil gold cost of building each Unholy Pit is intended? It seems too focused on one resource only, and it is really challenging for early-mid Zolarg players to afford this intermediate storage because of its costing focus on significant amount of gold only. If not intended, would you consider redistributing the cost over a few other rare resources?

3. Labor Camp
This new multi-resource production building produces a variety of resources, but with its biggest ratio being Sugar. Zolarg already has better sugar production in the form of Quantum Sugar Cloner, but can use more production in the other resources this building produces in smaller ratio than the Sugar (especially the Ore, Gold, and the finally automatic Wood). If I may suggest, would you lower or even remove the Sugar production ratio of this Labor Camp (and players can focus on Sugar Cloner for that), and increase the production ratios of the other resources?

4. Unholy Uranium Generator
This is not one of the new buildings, but seeing that Uranium will be needed more in post-0.9.8 Zolarg gameplay, would you consider reducing the power requirement from the current 1200? The new power plants will help a lot in Zolarg power requirement, but it might be better to make Zolargs be able to produce Uranium more efficiently, while it is now hindered by the high power requirement of the Unholy Ura Gen.

5. Ether Powertube
Thank you for adding a building that finally should solve Zolarg power shortage. However, the difficulty of obtaining Ether would be a great hindrance for most Zolarg players, especially offline but also online players. If we look at Human buildings, the buildings requiring ether mostly fall under "nice but ultimately not necessary" category of buildings. Same for Draco players who don't play in Abandoned planets.

This Ether Powertube however, is crucial for Zolargs especially with some of the new buildings as well as old (Unholy Ura Gen) requiring substantial power, with the next best power plant being the new Smart Power Spire. If I can suggest, would you consider making it as difficult to build and run, requiring other rare resources at signficant quantity, but at least not needing Ether to run it. Personally I think Ether is perfect for those buildings which are "nice but ultimately not necessary" type mentioned above.

Sorry for the long writeup, hope this can be of any use. Thank you beforehand.