Hey, so I played my colony before you guys added online players.

So when I came back to the game and you can now communicate and interact with real players I was mind blown and excited.

I even bought the premium! I had roughly 10b coins. 12 million of storage for everything! I was in the quantum age. Idk how many millions of research I had but I was so close to transcendence which is an incredible feat! Plus I had 1 billion alien artifacts, 1 billion uranium, 1 billion steel, and aluminum. Not to mention the galactic trade I had billions of dollars worth in trades pending! And like 300 million alien relics and instructions too.

I wasn't hoarding this I was helping out many new players too. But I got on today and it said save file corrupted. I clicked on my colony which was named (Oliver Colony) multiple times in confusion. Each time it said "Save File Corrupted" then it seemed to self delete. On top of this my recovery file is MISSING! Please I'm not sure if anything can be done but it is really disappointing that this killed and wiped my only main colony off.