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Insectnoid Mind Network - More possibilties?

H3110 guys!

Thanks @bastecklein, the insectnoid mind network technology finally able to unlock new things!
It’s a good thing that this technology provides upgrades for existing internet utilities and microchip productions, this is also what I have expected. I like it.

However, I think something goes wrong...
It’s not very big issue. It’s things about
are missing.
So, as the original suggester of Insectnoid Mind Network, here I’ll really try to have things related to minds.

Artworks will be here soon!

New Technologies!
  • Advanced Mind System
    Learn how to effectively transfer, store or even overwrite minds of your broods with a more complicated network utility with quantum powers!

New Buildings!
  • Mind Vaults of Collective Memories
    Mind vaults is a important site for conserving important memories and secrets of Insectnoid importance, and also the history reflected from those memories. Produces civics, research and traces of antaura.
  • Great Sage Academy of Grand Oak
    Advanced mind operations requires insectnoids smart as the Sages, the smartest group of people in the old good days in Bouwland. This Sage Academy built on a colossal oak tree will train the smart broodlings into super-smart Mind Sages - with special meditation courses to understand life and deep minds! Requires software, rum and cloth to run.
  • Grand Tower of Coherency
    How you can deliver a speech to your subjects without calling everybody gathering in the same place? Get one of the Grand Tower of Coherency built and every words of yours will go straight into their brains through their tiny insect antennas on their head! Produces lotta of civics. Requires microchips and softwares to run.
  • Temple of Rebirth
    The Repirth process was once the rite of the Ancient alien nobleman to lengthen their life through stimulation of self repair system; or even transferring the consious from the old body to a new one. Now the Insectnoids discovered the secret of it - and use it for the good of the entire swarm, though it would be expensive to build one, it can treat lots of gravely ills with this technology without much supplies. What you need are just some brain stimulation softwares and microchips.
  • Unholy Coherent Tower of Brainwashing
    So what if, you can brainwash your subjects with unholy powers that are able to overwrite their minds?
  • Zenith Temple of Mind Meditation
    A temple that can provide no-cost meditation as entertainment for your worker drones to relax and destress; when their brain is inserted with specialized temporary softwares it’s even many times effective.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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