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Colony of [NOZ] The Corporate Sector! Join Today

This is the commonwealth thread of the Corporate Sector.
Disclaimer: All of the below is, if you can't tell, a narrative. Stories are fictitious and not real.

I want to join

What is the Corporate Sector?
The Corporate Sector is a region, created after the decay of the Trade Federation, a glorious past colony. The company could not keep up with other emerging companies with a new innovative structure- regions, consisting of mass resource outputs. Because of this problem, the leadership of the Trade Federation transferred the remaining assets of the company were relocated into the Corporate Sector after a restructure. The Commonwealth of this sector is intended to be a place where corporations can grow into formidable galactic players.

  • A non-existent tax rate. No one likes taxes
  • 100% payroll. Because we'll subsidize your employees while you're with us
  • Benefit from our significant experience in setting up colonies
  • Benefit from our resource stores. We will help you get started
  • A message response in a day, if it was sent to our offices.

How do you join, then? Input the charter code: i227bhNo while creating a colony or switching your commonwealth when prompted, and enjoy being part of the Corporate Sector. Easy.

Also, enjoy better support in the NOZ Federation. The NOZ federation consists of experienced and large colonies ready to help out new players. It is a Discord gaming server that also consists of other games, bot games and a large community. Join here: Also join the NOZ Discord Server for additional mechanics such as investing in the Corporate Sector.

My Colony, the Corporate Sector! Join the NOZ Federation and my commonwealth!

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My Colony

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