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lost 50% of everything on online game

#1 2019-11-26 19:05:31

I signed in today, and all resources had huge negative numbers next to them, and when I checked the stats, all had lost at least 50% (including atmosphere which I have 0 negative effects for, which is why I screenshotted that one). A few resources were reset to 0 (plastic, robots, and relics) all of which were way above storage limits when I signed out last.

First time seeing this issue so I'm unsure of what caused it.

I'm on Win 10, V 0.99.0
#2 2019-11-26 23:09:25

You have activate the coloniae sync?

In any case, the graph don't use absolute value, can only analyzes a time window, the "y" axis don't start from 0, but from the first value on the time window. The max value is the highest value in the time windows. So... if you see a halved curve, don't mean you have lost half of it.

Maybe someone can see the log for find the sink hole.

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