I know its a lot to ask but I really think that the civilizations need more planet types to use. Since making new planet types is a lot of work, you can just use the already existing ones with the rest of the civs. Below some ideas on how.
I also want a way to terraform and build/change terrain features, such as rivers, ether, resource deposits, salt water, etc. I think there should be a way to build your own and remove existing ones. This is especially important on the water world as that one fills up fast. Or at least on the water world add a way to build on top of the water so that you can use it.

What if humans had a electromagnetic shield that could for a time stop lava. Also they could have a flying version of building rovers to reach small corners, and a flying rover that moves buildings from one place to another. Also electromagnetic bridges could work over lava for resource collection so you wouldn't have to build a new vehicle factory in every area.
Humans could have cacti farms to get water on desert worlds.
Draconians could colonize red planets and moons.

Also please look at my geyser world idea:https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=34908