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New Planent type - Taiga

The new playet type would be called Taiga. This planet type is sort of a combination between forest and ice planets. Snowy ground with snow covered trees would be the land terrain, and rivers would snake through the map. Fish could be a good food supply.

On this map, things would progress similar to the forest biome, but I feel like atmosphere should be set to the minimum for trees(1 mil I think) . Humans would get food from fishing, while insectoids would get food from sugar, and they would get sugar by harvesting sap(a new untradable resource) and then separating it into sugar and water. Not sure how reptilians would play out on this world, so probably safe to just let humans and insectoids use this world.

Permafrost(bluegleam or evershine are other naming options) - I was going to save this one for the ice planet, but i guess this one could work for either. Permafrost is normally a layer of soil that is permanently frozen all year round. But this permafrost is a glowing blue substance that forms on various surfaces. It has the miraculous ability to perpetually suck in thermal energy and convert it into light and electrical energy, allowing it absorb heat forever without melting or exploding. This material could have many uses, especially in terraforming, food preservation, disaster prevention on lava worlds, lighting sources, and advanced power power production.
I like it!
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DKMK100 said:I like it!

Glad you liked it.
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