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Android 1.0.0 colonists issues Reposted BUG please read bast hopfully enough info now

#1 2019-12-21 20:58:16
Hi bast wile i do have this junk chrome book i alos have two phones both nndroid one bran new the other less then a year .
Anyway the same issues i posted about under bugs are still accuring so ill tell you how Using android to see the issue .
OK so First the colony in question is 6 hours 46 mints old this will let you see it IS not caused by how the colony is set up .
so I have just two citys the first only has two colonists the second once i got over 700 colonists now just over 800 colonists Every time payroll comes around the colonists just disapire .
now first Housing stats show every thing green value around 90 % structural 100 % accessability 100 %
entertainment 100 % education 100 % medical access 100 % daily commute 80 % or so --safty 100 %
food 47 k water 280 k so as you can see every thing is covered.
now every time payroll hits the number of colonists goes back to 0 just like was happing in my other colonys what starts it or why it just stopped in my other colonys i cant say I can say ITS not because they are leaving or Just because some die .
But let goto stats now as the colony refills each time rating goes to 100 % its at 96% now total deaths 530 total births 111 GRAPH shows population go from 0 to 800 the 7 or 8 times its happened now
BUT very first thing that happens is health clincs fill up so they come in sick have every thing AT 100 n% makes
no difference .
anyway Use a android phone make a colony gte the population Over 800 be sure all things are covered and you will see your self .
this is not because of set up as at Only 800 colonist every thing is right next to housing .
again as to why it starts or what makes it stop i dont know but its a reacuring issue .
And any larger colony it hits then you will defintly hear about it from other people lol
ps colonists dieing so fats that i have over 500 deaths in 6 hours yet every thing is 100 % i checked and recheck the 8 or 9 times this has happened But even STILL the whole even takes 5 mints each payroll no way colonist should be able to all up and die in 5 mints even if i had no food or water or services at all that can take hours having done it intentaly i know lol .
#2 2019-12-21 21:05:16
ps the same thing was happing in my larger colonys when this starts hitting the players who have 300 k in a colony you will defintly gte feed back .
Of corse even smaller colonys its more noticable as going from 800 to 0 every payroll cant be missed .
Being i tried playing on both my phone ( different drands ) and it happend on both phones others will defintly get it
Ps rechecked all things each time besides the colony barly has time to fill to the 800 limit befor payroll wipEs them out 5 mints tops
#3 2019-12-21 21:50:24
ok just now 1.39 pm my time payroll hit 0 colonists colony gets around 450 payroll hits time of day 1.44 pm number stays the same
colony gets to 700 and something time 1.46 pm Two mints later payroll hits again colony goes back to 0
ill keep updateing this each time it happens but looks like it starts once the colony is over 500 colonists .
ps food water and all other stats still 100 %
time 1.59 pm payroll hits colonists go to 0 also payroll wile comes fast is random from two mints to ten this time just got the 800 colonists filled when it hit .
208 pm payroll colonists goto 0 i added more landing pads so colonists would come in faster full at 895 colonists
9 mints for that payroll this only happens at payroll the colony filled taht time and ran without lousing one colonists untill payroll hit
2.15 pm payroll back to 0
Edited by colbya on 2019-12-21 22:18:13
#4 2019-12-21 22:24:26
thatsshould be enough to show something needs to be changed but if you tell me how to use android to send this colony to you i would be happy to help .
chrome book is usless for doing anything with files lol
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