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Security and Crimes! MKIII!

H3110 guys!

Well, that’s exactly my 3rd version of my Security and Crimes ideas - with more fine and challenging ideas, and to follow @bastecklein’s path of development on the game.

Here we go!

Security System - Basic Mechanism
As @bastecklein have adopted another path of game development towards city building, the security buildings now has a service range, like other service type utilities.
Meanwhile, instead of the Security Points system from my previous version of this idea, now the security system consists of two parts:
Local Security Capacity and Defensive Force.

Local Security Capacity
Each security building has a limited security power inside their range. Once the security demand exceeds the local security capacity of the building, the average security power in the service range of the building is weakened, and crime outbreaks will occuar more frequently.
To increase the building’s local security capacity, besides replacing the old one with a better one, you can also adjust security staff types in security policy.

There’re 3 classes of local security staffs. For each race, they have different names.
(blue for human staffs, orange for Zolarg’s, purple for Alpha Draconians’)
  • Militia/Patrolbug/E.Y.E.
    The most basic security staff. Has no security capacity boost yet having lowest maintenance costs.
  • Regular/Loyalty Guard/Overseer
    They are well-trained security staffs for the colony. Has a small boost on security capacity but you’ll need to pay them more wages.
  • SWAT/Royal Guard/Eliminator
    The best local security staffs you can hire - They are professional crime suppressors. Provides a large security capacity boost while they have a high maintenance cost.
The ratio of these classes of staffs affects the local security capacity of security buildings.

Defensive Power
You know what happens when pirates are approaching but you have nobody to protect your colony - Well. Your colony suffers damage and resource loss.
Each security staff is also counted as security power, but a higher class has a better defensive power.
1 def. power for each tier 1 security staff.
1.5 def. power for each tier 2 security staff.
2.5 def. power for each tier 3 security staff.
There’s one more tier of security staff, who doesn’t participate in the local security affairs but colony defense:
  • Consitutional Army/Unholy Legion/Destroyer
    Although they won’t participate in local security maintaining (except military suppressions), however they are reliable forces for protecting your colony against large scale attacks. Though it’s expensive to hire one.
These Tier 4 staffs are the strongest security force you can hire for a colony, but only available when your colony declared independence. Each of them has 4 defensive power.

More details about crimes and pirate attacks will be introduced later in the comments!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Now here comes the second part of the ideas.

Crimes Outbreak
This mechanism is actviated once your colony reaches 150 population.
Crimes will always take place at weak security spots where the location is not well covered or areas where the security capacity does not meet the demands, with the chance to occuar anytime.
A crime outbreak will damage buildings and causes money and resource loss. Depending on how weak the security is here, the impacts (and also the crime outbreak frequency) varies.
To prevent crime outbreaks, always make sure you have to get all buildings under operation range of security buildings, and make sure the region has sufficient security capacity to meet the demands, especially when the area has a large population, or having some buildings (such as banks) that requires extra protection, or some dangerous buildings that will spread negetive security influnce like casinos.

Pirate Raids
Pirates are always looking for some good targets to raid - especially the colonies without much defensive force.
Pirate attacks will not occuar before you have built a consulate type building for at least 1 hour gameplay time. Before the first pirate attack, the colony may have already have built up their own effective defensive force.
The first few raids are very easy to take care - Their power is always below 10. Pirates’ attack strength ascends after each unsuccessful raid (the colony performed a successful defense).
When your colony failed to defend, your colony will lose resources. Loss depends on the remainding pirate forces survived.
All pirate raid events generates injured colonists. There’s chance that colonists get killed in pirate raids.
Later when pirates are too strong to handle, consider hire more better security staffs or build special colony security buildings such as anti-air turrets and dome shield generators.

Next time I’ll introduce the building ideas for the security!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Here are the building ideas!

  • Patrol Post
    A small patrol station with a watchtower built on top of it. Hires 3 security staff and has a local security capacity of 40. Small coverage.
  • Patrol Brigade
    A very standard security building for a small colony. Hires 8 security staff and has a local security capacity of 120.
  • Small Detention Camp
    This is where the criminals are punished (in a simple manner), in a small colony. Hires 3 staff. Increases local security capacity of security buildings inside effect range by 8.
  • Security Station
    When your colony has more people moving in you’ll need a better security facility to maintain order. Hires 15 staff. Has a local security capacity of 275. Unlocks Regular class security staff.
  • Security Coordination Hub
    A small command structure for a small area of security. Increases service area by 2 and boosts security capacity by 8% of the security buildings in the effect area of this building.
  • Anti-Air Blaster Turret
    Increases 20 defensive power against pirate attacks.
  • Town Prison
    Increases security capacity of the security buildings by 18 inside its effect range.


  • Watchmound
    Just a small tower-shaped mound for a patrolbug to perform boring monitoring.
  • Patrolmound
    Where patrolbugs prepare themselves for regular patrols.
  • Pit of Isolation
    Naughty insectnoids are tossed into this deep pit and isolated from others. Loniness will let them know they have been doing wrong.

Alpha Draconians

  • E.Y.E. Module
    A small modular facility that houses and dispatches the E.Y.E. supervision drones.
  • Court of Punishments
    Where the regular punishments are made on those misbehavied, unloyal, and unrespectful to the arbitators.

League of Independent States exclusive buildings

  • Bounty Centre
    Set bounties on those criminals. Give the bounty hunters rum and money and they will bring you the criminals shortly. Don’t even need any security staffs.

Next time I’ll intorduce some possible security policies!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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