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Problems with Multiplayer Regions

Hello, i have the following problems with the regions:

I just bought Premium and wanted to try the Multiplayer Region.
So I created one and tried to create a medium City.
While creating I got an Error and I couldn´t create an other City in the Region.
So I created a new Region, same there.
At the 3rd Region I could create a City, but I couldn´t send resources and after saving and going back to title, the city was gone. I tried it a few times again, every time I save and go back to my region, the City disapears after a millisecond.
Now I have 4 Multiplayer Regions and my List ist full of Cities.
It´s really frustrating and im in despair...
I also tried to restart the game and the computer several times. But it doesn´t help.
Im playing on Windows10

(My list)

(No Cities in my regions)

(My saves)

I hope the problams can be solved and thank you very much for the fast support :)
I just saw the pictures were a bit tiny and there is an Attach button so here are the pictures a bit bigger:

(my List when you click on my name)

(One of my regions, were I created cities but they disappeared)

(My saves)

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