Hello guys!

Just some buildings ideas for LIS. Enjoy!

Mercenary Tavern
One of the good stop for mercenaries. They come here not just for some good barrels of rum, it’s also where the newbie mercenaries recieves minor bounty quests on criminals.

This building has both entertainment and security function. Why it also has security function is because those newbie mercenaries will deal with the criminals, just need some bags of cash and some rum to keep them working for you.
Of course, it has a basement to lock criminals up.
2×2 building.

Bounty Hunter’s Club
Real place for real bounty hunters. Where bounty hunters around the system gathers, sipping up barrels of rum, and get bounty pays after dealing with the wanted. VIP discount applies.

An upgrade for Mercenary Tavern. Has secret prison underground.

Deadpit Arena
Sometimes you won’t want the mercenaries fight on the street when they have some disputes, since it’s unsafe to the public. So you’ll need a specialized place for them, while turning their fight into a good evening show to enjoy.
‘Special show tonight!’

Not sure if it’s appropriate for LIS... but it’s an idea, okay?
Earns cash and provides entertainment for the people, while consuming some rum.
3×3 building.

‘Box & Dogfight’ Stadium
‘Box & Dogfight’ is a merchandised mercenary sports event, where the mercenaries fights for their glory and fame against others, extremly popular in the Galaxy. Because anything related to mercenaries are banned in United Earth, now LIS make use of this golden opportunity to earn mountains of hard cash for themselves through hosting these events in their colonies.

Upgrade of the Deadpit Arena.
The event name features ‘Box’ is because of the cube shaped arena of the stadium.
More efficient than medium stadium.

Shelter for the Sicks
In LIS, you would be able to feel the kindness people have that you won’t experience in United Earth. Every sick and ill are given warmful respect and equal treatment here no matter who you are. Some colonists come here as voluntary medic in their leisure.

Replaces first aid. This facility has more medical capacity, as well provides very little ‘entertainment’ from voluntary medic tasks.

Community Infirmary
People said medical services here are far better than that in United Earth. The warmful care given to the patients are irreplacable and you can’t find them elsewhere, despite most medics there are amateurs and voluntary based.

Replaces small clinic. Upgrade of Shelter for the Sicks.

(more ideas may be added soon)