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THE DRACONIAN MARCH SERIES - Part 1 - Automation Glory

#1 2020-03-05 08:34:35
Hello guys!

Here comes the first part of the The Draconian March ideas series!

Alpha Draconaians are seemed very professional with robotics and automations.
Here I would like to further expand it - Put them inside productions of resources, and more.

Draconian Robotics Research Centre
Persuit for perfectness is an endless process - Such pursuit is the same in this high-tech engineering lab, where elite Draconain engineers producing thousands of robots from experiments, every new model are always better than the older one.

This is an upgrade for the Primitive Robotics Lab, in case more robots are needed.

Scrap Forge
While slave insectoids will toss loads of trash into the big furnance endlessly, while the high tech machines inside this Scrap Forge will turn the scrap slag into new shiny microchips.

Simply an idea to provide a new source of microchips, hopefully it works.

Compiler Cube
This cube contains an array of super-smart computers which can compile, edit, debug, update the softwares all by itself. It doesn’t even need manual controls... if it will not create malwares.

Advanced software creation structure. Will need some microchips to operate, but it can create softwares quickly.

Multifrequency Node
With a wider range of communication frequencies it can provide, this multifrequency node can support the need for interset for thousands of homes.

Bandwidths. Yes, you must have the control network to take care of the robots.

Draconain Engineering Academy
An advanced nation can’t goes without a quality school. This school is one of the best Example in the Galaxy, where anyone (excluding slaves) will have a chance to become the top engineers in the world with the professional knowledges they intoduce.

High class education facility for Alpha Drcaonains - Which the high quality workforce is essetially needed in Alpha Draconians’ high tech development.

Slave Processing Factory
Nobody in Alpha Draconia would get their hands dirty for the insect meat. So now they have this facility for it, where the slave insectoids are processed into fresh meat by robots professionally and safely. People can still have a look on the processing through the windows.

... Cruel. This is an upgrade for the bug saw.

Automatic Post Station
Newsletters aren’t totally replaced by electronic communications in Alpha Draconia, because it’s true that long exposure to electronic screens do harm our eyes more than simply reading things on paper. For this reason, this post station is established, responsible to recieve, copy and deliver the newsletters (and propagandas, plus a daily sudoku) from the Alpha Draconia to every person in the colony everyday, with the help of the robot drones.

Produces civics. Also consumes robot and wood to operate.
Why wood? Because you need wood for making paper!

Commodities Logistics Centre
Using the robotic agents that tells flawless lies and the name of ‘logistics centre’ to decieve the galactic traders to reroute their goods to your colony for ‘safer transportation’. That’s how Alpha Draconians make bulks of their necessities come to them, while others don’t know where the goods have gone.

An upgrade for the Universal Commodities Exchange, with a higher yield per production cycle. Consumes robots and softwares.

(more ideas are coming!)
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#2 2020-03-05 10:05:44
Draconian Automatic Market
Where the Draconains can bring their things to exchange something else they need in this automatic market. But of course, the exchange ratio is always unfair. Never underesyimate the trickness of business runs under reptilians!

Randomly consumes a little amount of a resource, it’ll produce another random resource and money.

Draconian Construction Yard
The construction yard is the basic structure for managing and planning any larger construction in any Reptilian colonies - It is the only place you can build Floating Constructor, the bigger brother of construction probe.

Floating Constructor (Unit)
The Floating Constructor has larger construction capability than any average construction probe, which they are able to create massive, amazing structures for Alpha Draconain colonies.

Larger Automated Hydroponics Lab
A larger, multi-deck hydroponoics lab for growing more food for larger populations.

Serves as the modest upgrade for the Automated hydroponics lab.

Draconain Crystalline Refinery
An all-in one automatic facility, combinding gold grower, aluminium grower, crystalline enrichment, e.t.c, which will harness the power of crystals to bring you a wide range of minerals! Requires robot to operate and tinker the machines.

This is a real industrial class refinery, for larger development scales. Before you have this thing, most importantly you should have a stable source of crystalline.

Global Raw Material Extractor
Known to be the most powerful experimental class mining drill in the world, nothing in underground will escape the awesome power of thr Global Drill. This thing can hollow any minerals inside a large asteroid within weeks. However because it’s too powerful that it may destroy the entire planet, it still requires some control measures, so it hires robots inside it.

Serve as the upgrade of Raw Materials Extractor.
Trivia: Alpha Draconians might have used that as a weapon...

Ether Crystal Farm
Ether can help crystalline grow even faster under extreme radiation. With this machine you’ll be difficult to use up the amount crystalline it produces. However because ether is unstable with unknown reactions under the condition which the Farm works, it needs 24 hour control under the frequently-updated softwares and robots.

Better crystal farm - Which the automations makes it possible to yield more than before!

Interstellar Starship Relay Station
The logistic network is always the important lifeline of any large commonwealths, because you’ll always need to transport important materials and human resources around. Where the important colony is, where this facility lies to resupply the transport vessels. Robots are hired to ensure high task efficiency.

Literally a spaceport for Alpha Draconians, but without entertainment purpose.
The one with entertainment purpose will be introduced in another post.

Greater Shipworks
Here, harness the power of automations, everything in this shipworks are totally automated. Enjoy the high efficiency it brings.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
#3 2020-07-04 22:10:02
this is a great idea. sadly this will probably never be implemented.
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