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Tracking Colonists

When you click on a building like the clinic and the casino, all you see are the employees. I would like a tab where you can see the colonists who are guests or patients.
I also like to see how many colonists are protesting for...reasons
I like the idea especially seeing the ones who are protesting. It is really tiresome to click on each colonist who are walking around the capitol/consulate.
Also being able to see their commute and change their job from one screen would be nice. Right now you have to open the colonist, click Stats, check the commute, click Nevermind, open the colonist menu again and Change Job
I thought there was something similar to this in a earlier version? I would like to see this added again! And I think adding job priorities could be worked into this idea somehow. For example during firedrill I prefer my colonists to take food and water jobs before any other.
My Colony

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