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Galactic board of trade

I have a serious problem with GBT. I can't see any offer except the ones that are either 100,000,000 units or just 500! what should I do while I don't want to buy 100,000,000 units of everything? There is no filter, there is no option... what should I do?
Those are offers from the autotrade system. There is very little you can do. If you look at the episode 16 of Ape Apps podcast on YouTube you can see Bast knows the issue and hopefully it will get fixed somehow in the next version.
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Thanks for your reply, it seems that I'll have to wait till the next update! :))
I have some other recommendations about the game, I'll tel in the proper topics.
One thing you can do in the meantime is disable all instances of a building that gives you the trade limit that you don't want (like the hall of congress). The only offers that will show up now will fit within your "new" (And lower) trade limit.

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