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Some feedbacks for My Empire

Hello guys!

The civilization-styled game My Empire is definitely a good project, and it looks good though still in Alpha stage.

There are some feedbacks and suggestions I would like to give.

  • Overlapping units problems
    There’s a problem when units overlaps.
    Only the toppest unit can be selected.
    And, if you have a unit on your city, you cannot manage the city, which requires to waste one turn to move the unit away.
    My solution is, for choosing units, tapping repeatively will cycle between units on the tile.
  • Limiting units on the tile
    Stacking multiple units on the same tile is not preferred by me, due to various reasons:
    • Inlogically contains almost infinite units on a tile
    • Strategically more possibly causes stalemate
    Limiting units on the tile would sound better for me. But that’s up to your choice. (In Sid Mirer’s Civilization series, the older games (Civ1, Civ2, Civ4) allows lots of units standing on the same tile; while others (Civ3, Civ5, Civ6) has limited each tile only holds one unit of each type.)

Suggestions and ideas
  • Merging simlar units
    That’s a feature to merge similar military units (I mean, warriors merges with warriors, swordsman merges with swordsman) to create a stronger, tougher unit. Kind of a squadron.
    Merged military units cannot be merged or merge with any military unit for the second time.
    Civilian units does not merge.
  • Strategical bonuses
    Combats are all about strategy. Here are some of my ideas.
    • Flanking and encircling
      Flanking up the enemy at opposite sides, or diagonally, weakens enemy power.
      Encircling the enemy will cause the enemy unable to counter-attack.
    • Terrain (very common but still worth to mention this)
      Highlands and woods provides defensive bonuses for units inside it.
      However, these terrain also slows units down.
  • Wonders?
    The idea is, built wonders will be shown on the map, somewhere next to the city where it is built.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Thanks, @GeneralWadaling I do still have a ways to go, but I think this game will be a fun one. I have added a max 2 units per tile now, and have added a couple of wonders (along with a ton of new techs). The wonders now show up on the main overview map when built, although for some reason they are showing up where I expect them to, but I'll get it eventually!

I picked a 2 unit per tile limit to allow for building new units on a city that already has a unit stationed there. It also allows for escorting a builder or settler unit.

The interface needs work for tiles with multiple units/city+unit which I will work on shortly.

Keep the ideas coming! I love civ so I only hope my little game can offer a fraction of the entertainment, lol!
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